Servant Keeper Mobile Apps

NEW! Church Members Can Update Their Information

Keep your data current by letting your church members access and edit their records online!

  • You decide what data people can and can’t update!
  • Enable people to edit family records and individual records!
  • Let people update things like their pictures, phone numbers, contact information, emails and more!
  • Decide who can update their data by sending invites from the control panel!
  • Let people login from your church website!
CALL 800-773-7570 for more information or to add the cloud to your Servant Keeper


If you have Servant Keeper with the cloud then you have the Servant Keeper Online Church Directory. If that’s the case then Click Here for instructions on how to setup your church’s online directory using your cloud credentials.

Don’t have ServantPC Cloud yet? Call 800-773-7570 to upgrade to the cloud today!

Still using an old version of Servant Keeper? Find out why you should upgrade HERE.


Click here to open a demo directory as it’s own page (most common use)

use key: skdemo

Click here to see a demo directory embedded in a web page.

use key: skdemo

 NOTE: this demo is linked to the “sandbox” Servant Keeper Demo account that you can use with the Servant Keeper demo.

Online Church Directory

The free online church directory for Servant Keeper looks great on any computer, tablet, or smart phone with a browser and internet connection!

Make it easy for your church members to contact each other!

  • enable people to look up people in their small group, Sunday school class, or more
  • customize the directory to show only the information you deem appropriate
  • enable and control how your church members can filter their search results
  • responsive design looks and feels natural on any screen size
  • webmaster or church administrator retains complete control over what information is available
  • pass key protected to keep spammers from getting your congregants information
  • embed into your own site and keep your church website look and feel
  • you can even have your congregants save your church directory as an app on their phone!
  • and more!