Converting Your Data to Servant Keeper

Converting your data is a two step process.

  1. Get your data out of your old program.
  2. Import that data into Servant Keeper.

Exporting your data

Exporting your data from your old program is the first step toward converting your data into Servant Keeper and there are two ways that we can assist you in accomplishing this step.

1. Help Sheets

If you need guidance, please select the appropriate Help Sheet that matches your old program.  Please be advised that many programs make it difficult to extract all of your data intact.  In addition, some programs are no longer supported by their manufacturer.  Because of this you may experience unavoidable difficulty.

2. White Glove Service

If you are having trouble getting your data out of your old program, our Help Desk agents can log into your computer and transfer your data from your old program into Servant Keeper for you.  There is a $400 conversion fee for this service but many people have found that it is worth the time that they will save.  Call us at 570-748-2800 or email for more information and to schedule a White Glove Service.  Membership Data and Contribution Data are two separate conversions, however most people have no trouble importing contributions after the membership data has been converted.

Importing your data

Use the Import Tool to import your data into Servant Keeper. Instructions can be found here: Import Tool Instructions