About Servant PC Resources

Servant PC Resources is a church software company founded in 1994 by Ed Newman. Mr. Newman had a vision to see churches “organizing God’s people” by utilizing the emerging technology of personal computers.  He was passionate that churches could do this in a way that would enhance their ministry while reducing administrative overload. Witnessing an marketplace filled with overpriced and unreliable products that were extremely difficult to learn and use, he decided to create an entirely new software program to help churches. Collaborating with two developers he created the first version of Servant Keeper and was the sole employee for the first year.

From the start Mr. Newman’s vision was to develop powerful church software that was affordable and easy to use.  Working from a converted “apple house” in his back yard, Mr. Newman started calling churches to tell them about Servant Keeper. Customers immediately loved what they saw in Servant Keeper and from the very first days churches have switched to Servant Keeper because of its ease of use and affordability.  Many churches even abandoned other programs on which they had spent thousands of dollars. They did this because Servant Keeper offered all of the same features, plus some, and did it in a way that even a computer novice could figure out.

While Servant PC Resources has grown tremendously the vision has stayed the same.   Servant PC Resources offices are now located in Lock Haven, Pennsylvania.   We like to acknowledge that God has blessed us with many amazing employees in Sales, Help Desk, Developers and Administration, all working together under the same roof with an average tenure of 9 years.

We invite you to check out the Servant Keeper software suite and give us a call and let us know how your ministry is doing and how we can help. We will be very happy to serve you and help you in “organizing God’s people.”

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