Schedule an On-site Training for your Church Staff

Servant PC provides on-site training for your staff at your location.  This type of training is intended for churches that have a large number of staff and want customized Servant Keeper training at their location using their database.  Churches needing to train fewer staff members will probably find our online trainings and live event trainings very helpful.

The onsite training coordinator will work with you to schedule the training on a date that both works for your staff and that an onsite trainer is available.  The trainer will then work with you to customize the training to address specific features and processes in which you want your staff to be proficient.  Onsite training customers who are also using SK Child Check-In may opt to add a second day to the onsite training to cover that application, features and processes.


The cost of the onsite training is $1500 plus travel expenses.  A second day to cover Check-In can be added for $500.

Depending on your location and the date of the training, travel expenses can range from $200 – $800 or more.

Complete the form below if you would like us to contact you with more details and start the process of designing your customized on-site training.

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