Feeling tied down?

"Ministry can happen anywhere.you're not tied to your desk!"
With Servant Keeper's cloud technology

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With the mobile ministry app you can look up a memberenter notes in their record, contact them, etc
because ministry can happen anywhere!

Ministry Anywhere!

"In the office or in the field,keeps our team connected!"
Servant Keeper's cloud technology

Office optional!

is connected, sharing the same databasefrom wherever we are at any given time!"
"Even without a church office, our staff

Cloud Vs. On Premise Deployment


We host your database so your staff and volunteers can work from home (or Starbucks).  It’s about doing Ministry Anywhere!

In more words:
At Servant PC we have taken some time to carefully build a reliable service to host your data in both a secure and economical way. It is the chief concerns of reliability, security and affordability, that have been driving our development and have forced us to think “outside the box” of traditional web-based church software.

The result is a delivery method where your database lives in the cloud while the software application resides on the local computer.   This is the same model that Netflix (r), Facebook (r), and Google (r) apps work, i.e. data and content in the cloud – apps to use it on the device.  In this way we you can access your data from web based applications, mobile apps, AND powerful desktop apps.

servantpc cloud

ServantPC Cloud Model

When you purchase Servant Keeper with the Servant PC Cloud we will create a database for you on our servers.  You will be able to install the desktop and mobile apps on an unlimited number of devices or just use the web applications.  You will receive credentials for your new database when it is installed on our servers. This will happen at the time of purchase.

All of your team will be able to connect to and use your Servant Keeper database at the same time from the mobile, web, or desktop applications.

The first time you launch Servant Keeper, you will be prompted to connect to your hosted database and enter your credentials.  If you downloaded the application from within the Servant Keeper Online Office the credentials will already be entered.  The next time you open the program Servant Keeper will connect to your database by default.

Once Servant Keeper connects to a database, you and any other user will log into the database using the User ID and Password that your administrator assigned to you. There can be an unlimited number of users in the system. This is helpful in situations where several users share the same terminal or workstation.  The user ID and password allows you or the administrator at your church to set access privileges specifically for an individual user. Your Servant PC cloud level is determined by the number of active Users.

You can connect to your hosted database from any computer or device that has a stable high speed internet connection, or through the mobile app on a mobile device. The end result of this solution is that you have fast powerful applications connected to a database that you and your ministry team can access from any internet connected computers.

Because of the Servant PC Cloud it will be very easy to board new staff and volunteers on Servant Keeper, and you will have a high level of compliance regarding your ministry management procedures. This great cloud based solution combines the best features of installed software with the ease and portability of cloud based software.  It’s much more than just a web based program!

Are you using a local version of Servant Keeper? If you add the cloud we will migrate your data for you!

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