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Get peace of mind that doesn’t bust the budget with Servant Keeper Check-In!

Servant Keeper is proud to announce the release of its latest child check-in program, version 2. This program is designed primarily for keeping childcare areas of your ministry or organizations secure when children are dropped-off and picked-up, but it is also a great tool for tracking detailed attendance of large services and special events.

self check-in

Self or Staff-Assisted Check-In

Allow attendees to check themselves in or offer staff assistance.

Servant Keeper Check-In is user-friendly. You can offer a simple, clean interface (customize it with your own image and even use different images for different events) that allows your attendees to check in on their own. Or choose to provide staff- assisted check-in.


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Check in an Entire Family

Multi-Event Check-In from One Station

Allow a family or your staff to check in everyone from a family to multiple events at the same time.

family check-in
attendance with check-in

Save Time at Check-In

Add visitors on the fly and take attendance at check-in.

Easily add visitors and new family members at check-in. They’ll be entered directly into your database, and a new family and/or member profile will be created. Plus, Check-In will  automatically take their attendance.

Capture and Track Kids' Specific Needs

Save notes, allergies, and special needs and print item tags and name badges on check-in.

Easily track kids’ personal information when they check in and save it for future events. Plus, you can track items dropped off with children for easy claim when they are picked up. Because of the sensitive nature of information you may collect regarding children’s health, family, medications and more, you’ll appreciate how Servant Keeper’s robust data security features protect children’s privacy.

track allergies and special needs
check-in security option

Various Security Options

Select the most secure option that fits your church.

    •     Fingerprint scanning – Parents can speed up check-in by scanning their finger.
    •     Passcode – Assign passcodes to parents.
    •     Signatures – Choose to require a signature at checkout. Parents can even sign out on a touch screen.

Print and Email Claim Tickets

Give guardians a claim ticket that is easy to find at checkout.

You can choose to print and email your claim tickets. This saves paper, gives guardians a backup option in case they misplace their paper ticket, and lets you scan their ticket on their device screen.

print and email claim tickets
manage your rooms

Manage Your Rooms

Avoid double-booking, overcrowding, or understaffing.

You can easily set room capacities, designate a number of adults to be present in each room, and view room conflicts for times and dates of your events. Plus, you can select to be notified via email when a room is getting close to capacity. This gives you time to arrange for people to move to an overflow room.

Visual Verification

Keep kids safe as you send them out.

Servant Keeper Check-In makes it easy to see the children you’re checking out, as well as everyone who is authorized to pick them up.

visual verification at checkout
send emails inside check-in

Email Guardians

Go the extra mile to show parents how much you care.

Quickly send an email to parents from within Check-In:

    •     In urgent situations when they aren’t answering their phone
    •     To clarify allergies, special needs, or other personal information captured at check-in
    •     To communicate a room change or change in pick-up location
    •     When circumstances require them to be able to be reached during a service while their phone is on silent

Build Reports

Use Servant Keeper’s Check-In report templates—or edit and create your own.

Servant Keeper comes with various report templates (as well as name badge and claim ticket templates) you can use or edit. You can even build your own. Some of the reports include:

    •     Fire drill reports
    •     Room reports
    •     Checked-out reports
    •     User security reports

build check-in reports

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