Church Management Software Pricing – Local Deployment


You and Your Team Manage Your own Servant Keeper Database.

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Local Option

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One Time Site License


Should I choose Servant Keeper Local or Cloud?

Servant Keeper is available to you in two deployment options: local, and Servant PC Cloud.

With Servant PC Cloud, your data is stored securely on an Amazon server for you and your staff to access from anywhere, on any computer or device. We do the work for you so you’re free from database management and networking. Servant PC Cloud also offers additional features and apps.

With the local option, you and your IT staff manage your own database and maintain your network. You can add seats as necessary to install Servant Keeper on as many computers as your ministry needs.

View a price list that compares the main features of Servant PC Cloud and local here.

Or you can read more about the features Servant Keeper in our brochure.

Software Licensing
Servant Keeper is licensed to your church or organization. A purchase of Servant Keeper, includes one license. You can purchase additional licenses for additional computers at a fraction of the price. These are called “Seat Licenses.” For example, if a church wants to use Servant Keeper on three computers, they will purchase Servant Keeper plus two additional seat licenses.


If you have any questions regarding the pricing on this page, or would like assistance in deciding what is the right choice for your church, please contact our sales department at 1-800-773-7570 or by email.

Are you a current Servant Keeper customer looking for the latest version? If your ministry has a previous version of Servant Keeper, ask about special upgrade pricing here.