Required Maintenance Update

A required maintenance update has been released that addresses technical changes on our cloud servers that may have affected some customers.

Please run the Servant Keeper update utility on all Servant Keeper 7 seats to ensure you do not experience a disruption of service. Please forward this email to your team members who have Servant Keeper 7 installed on their computer.


To run the update on a PC (Windows OS), you can click the link or follow the instructions below:

  1. Go to the Windows Start Menu
  2. Select”All Apps” or “All Programs”
  3. Select Servant Keeper 7 to show the SK7 menu
  4. Click “Web Update 7” and run the update.



To run the update on a Mac, please follow the instructions below:

  1. Open the Servant Keeper 7 launcher.
  2. Click File | Run Command…
  3. Click Browse…
  4. drive_c should be selected.
  5. Browse into Program Files | Servant Keeper 7.
  6. In the file list find “WebUpdateSK7.exe” and double click on it–this will add the command path that points to the web update utility.
  7. On the “Run Command” window, click the [Run] button.
  8. The web update will run and find the latest Servant Keeper update.
  9. Click the [Download and Install Update] button. The download will take a few minutes. Once complete, the update will run and install the latest version of Servant Keeper.

The Servant Keeper Help Desk Team