Servant Keeper Webinars

membership management webinar

Part 1: Managing a Church Membership Database

One of the most important aspects of managing a ministry is managing the membership database. Join us for an overview of managing a church membership database using Servant Keeper church management software. In this webinar we’ll cover how Servant Keeper streamlines data entry, is easy to customize, and keeps everything at your fingertips.

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Part 2: Managing Donors and Contributions

One of the most challenging parts of managing a ministry can be managing donors and their contributions. Join us for an overview of contributions, donor statements, pledging and online giving using Servant Keeper church management software. In this webinar we’ll cover how Servant Keeper streamlines the entry process, helps you communicate with donors, and keeps everything at your fingertips.

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Easy Attendance Tracking and Follow-up with Servant Keeper

This webinar, led by Pastor Shawn Grubb, a trained Servant Keeper Coach, demonstrates how easy it is to track attendance across ministries of all sizes, small and large alike. We’ll show you how your teachers can take attendance on their phone, how you can do great things like effective visitor followup, and even quickly spot members who have stopped attending. Whether you are thinking of taking attendance for small groups, Sunday School, special events like retreats, or even worship services, you’ll love this webinar.

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About the instructor:
You couldn’t be in better hands! Servant Keeper webinars are taught by Technology Coach and Pastor Shawn Grubb.  Pastor Shawn has over 25 years of pastoral experience in both small and large churches. Shawn is also a speaker, trainer, and Servant Keeper coach and has spoken at conferences all over the country on ministry management and using technology for ministry. He currently is serving as the Pastor at Maranatha Bible Church in central Pennsylvania. Shawn is passionate about helping churches thrive as they operate and function to their fullest potential using available tools and technology.

Pastor Shawn Grubb

Pastor Shawn Grubb

Pastor and Servant Keeper Coach

Church Leadership Training Webinars

Image of church leaders for the webinar Casting a Vision and Creating a Culture

Leading Change In Your Congregation

By nature, we tend to be resistant to change, even when healthy change is needed. This is true in our individual lives and in the congregations we lead. The way change is facilitated often makes or breaks a pastor’s ministry. In this webinar, we will examine several biblical principles that can help you when you’re seeking to facilitate healthy changes in your church.

Casting a Vision and Creating a Culture in Your Church

For a local church to make the most of the opportunities the Lord is giving us, it is wise counsel to take a close look at both the vision and the culture of the church. Both matter. In this webinar, we will be taking a closer look at the vision we cast AND the culture we create in the local church we lead, with the goal of developing a healthier and more fruitful overall ministry.

Creating a “Pipeline” for a Healthy, Growing Church

Many churches desire to grow, but at the same time, struggle to know where to start or how to help people move from attending to participating. In this webinar, we’ll talk about a simple system of progression that can help your church improve attendance while also encouraging those who attend to become better committed to Christ’s overall mission for His church.

Reducing Stress in Ministry Through Systems and Stages

Learn the importance of understanding the unique stage your church might be at, the systems you’ll want to make sure are operating optimally, and the volunteers you’ll want to unleash to help accomplish the mission. Understanding and implementing these items has been shown to help pastors reduce stress, while also improving the quality of discipleship and congregational care the local church provides.

Develop Leaders & Connect with your Community Through Generous Hospitality

There are several things healthy churches tend to focus on, including leadership development and evangelism. As the Lord sends us capable leaders, we’re called to invest in them, develop them, train them, and replicate them. Likewise, He has called us to do so with an outward focus. The leaders that we raise up can partner with us in making the gospel known in our communities.

Creating a Discipleship Culture in Your Local Church

Christ’s desire for the local church is that we become a mature group of disciples, not merely a collection of passive observers. In this webinar, John Stange will be sharing some simple ideas that can help us “create a culture of discipleship in the local church.” Creating a culture is different from implementing a program. During our discussion, we’ll be talking about ways in which we as church leaders can model what this looks like, and help our churches learn to value discipleship in a fresh way.

These valuable, real world trainings are designed for church leadership and focused on helping you carry out the day to day aspect of doing ministry. We have partnered with national speaker and Pastor John Stange, who teaches these courses at conferences all across the country.  It is our desire that, through these excellent training resources for you and your ministry team, you will be encouraged and inspired as you carry out the ministry to which you have been called.

About the Speakers:
These events are taught by Pastor and Speaker John Stange and moderated by Pastor Shawn Grubb.  John is a follower of Jesus, husband to Andrea, and father to four great kids. He holds degrees in Bible, Education and Counseling, is a certified speaker, trainer and coach with the John Maxwell Team and serves as the Lead Pastor of Core Creek Community Church in Langhorne, PA. John is an adjunct professor at Cairn University, where he teaches courses on church planting, theology, and counseling. He also serves as the Director of the National Mission Board which is a ministry that is focused on church planting and church health.

To learn more about John Stange and his ministry to church leaders please visit

Pastor John Stange

Pastor John Stange

Pastor and Speaker