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Servant Keeper for Various Roles in Your Church

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Pastoral Team

See how pastors are using Servant Keeper church software to equip their teams for ministry.

Save time with Servant Keeper for your administrative and IT team.

Administrators and IT

See how administrative and IT teams are saving time every day with Servant Keeper church software.

church software for church members

Church Members

See why even your church members will enjoy using Servant Keeper to stay connected and get involved.

Servant Keeper Church Software Overview

See why so many churches are switching to Servant Keeper!

Every Church Management Software Feature Your Ministry Needs

The features over 30,000 Ministries Are Using to Grow

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See full features of Servant Keeper church management software

Full Feature List

See the big picture of everything your ministry can do with Servant Keeper.

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Manage member and volunteer profiles in your church management software. Keep information all in one place.

Manage Members and Volunteers

Manage unlimited people and data with customizable fields, skills tracking, online sign-ups, and improved communication.

See Member and Volunteer Management Features

Track your contributions with church management software

Manage Donors and Contributions

Track and increase giving, expand giving options and improve communication with your donors.

See Donor and Contribution Features

Use software to simplify your church events planning and attendance tracking.

Events and Attendance

Increase ministry event participation, attendance, and follow-up.

See Events and Attendance Features

Keep your children safe with ministry check in software

Child Check-In & Security

Keep your children’s ministry secure, effective, and organized.

See Child Check-In & Security Features

church software tools for making an impact

Tools for Making an Impact

Make your counseling, pastoral care, and outreach ministries more impactful.

See More Tools for Making an Impact

Servant Keeper church managment software allows you to build smart groups.

Smart Groups
Build groups based on any criteria you can imagine for communication and tracking.

See More about Smart Groups

Servant Keeper church management software offers the communication tools your ministry needs.

Powerful tools to help you automate, increase, and simplify how you reach potential and current ministry members.

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Mobile, Desktop & Web Apps
Fast and powerful apps to keep your ministry on the move and growing.

See Mobile, Desktop & Web Apps

Church reporting helps your ministry keep track of data.

Reporting and Research
Discover how you can build, and use printed reports and online directories for your ministry.

See More Reporting and Research Features

Security features to protect your church management data.

Secure Data
Protect your members’ data and your ministry with secure church software.

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Loving Their Experience

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Ed Washington

“Church Management the Easy Way”

Servant Keeper is an absolute diamond amongst the other church management software tools on the market. We were using a very dated method of tracking finances and membership and while it worked we knew there was a better way to serve God’s people. I came across SK and what has impressed me the most is how user friendly it is. Whether it’s church management or church finances this is a great tool for member care, financial reporting and any ministry looking to serve God’s people with excellence. This is a great product and I highly recommend any ministry to download the trial version and see for yourself, you won’t be disappointed.

Ed WashingtonExecutive Pastor, The House of Worship
Al Ellard

“My time entering giving records has been reduced by half.”

As a small church our needs are fairly simple – membership management and giving records. As non-tech types we are really pleased that the software has been very intuitive to learn. I have discovered that my time entering giving records has been reduced by half because the software is streamlined and requires many fewer keystrokes to enter data. I was also very happy with the white glove help in migrating our date from our old system to SK.

Al EllardClerk, First Baptist Church
Sara Black

“Amazing Product and Service”

Servant Keeper is an amazing software. We have used the software in our church for less than 6 months and are already amazed at the ease of use that it offers. Being able to customize the reports, the fields, and find information so quickly and easily is what has drawn us to Servant Keeper. The customer service before our purchase, during our purchase, and after is nothing short of amazing. Thank you for everything.

Sara BlackAdministrative Assistant, Woodland Heights Baptist Church

Live Servant Keeper Workshops and Training Events

Over 100,000 ministry leaders have attended Servant Keeper’s church management software workshop and training events to discover the tools and best practices they need to grow their ministries.

We offer live workshops to ministry leaders who are evaluating church management software to see up close the tools that over 30,000 ministries are using to grow. For Servant Keeper customers we offer nationwide training sessions to teach you and your team how to get the most out of your Servant Keeper.

Values of the Leading Church Management Software

Easy to Use

Church Management Software that your whole team (big or small) can use.

While being one of the most powerful church management software programs on the market, Servant Keeper is also incredibly easy to use. Even for the beginner. In fact, ease of use is the number one reason why churches of all sizes and denominations have made the switch to and stayed with Servant Keeper.

Rapid Searching and Information at a Glance

For example, when you are searching the church database, this amazing church software lets you quickly find someone by first name or last name or both. You can search your church membership by any field in the software using the same quick find button. Do you need to find a church member who has a truck, or who can cook, or who missed church three weeks in a row? Servant Keeper is the church software that will let you do these kinds of searches instantly.

When you find what the profile you’re looking for, there is no more continuous hopping from screen to screen to find the phone number or the email address or the birth date, etc. It’s time saving features like this that make Servant Keeper church management software the award winning program that it is!

Short Learning Curve

Effective Church Management is also about getting more people involved. That is one of the reasons you use church software in the first place. With Servant Keeper, you now have church software that volunteers and part-timers will be able to learn in just a couple minutes, while many other church software programs take months to learn and even have to have “boot camp” style training for their church management software. Servant Keeper is also the only church software that shows families and individuals on the same screen at the same time, and this all happens as soon as the user opens the program.

Get your team of 1 or 1,000 up and running with church software in minutes.

Fully Automated

Church software automation that saves you time and eliminates redundancy.

Eliminate duplicate entry into your church management database and automate your processes. With Servant Keeper, tasks like mail merging, group building, statement creation, to name a few, can be automated. Update and enter information into your church management software more quickly with automatic information transfer, updating, and family profile creation.

Entering Data

Inputting a family into the church management program can be done in less time than it takes you to read the information. Servant Keeper church software automatically transfers the address information from the first individual to any additional family members and then automatically creates a family profile. Want to add new people to existing families? Just enter their first name. Their last name, address, wedding date, marital status, title, phone number, etc are all filled in automatically! Automation exists all through the profile as well. Such as automatic zip code and age calculation features.

Updating Information

Individuals are automatically added to or removed from groups based on the criteria you input (age, home group membership, volunteer status). Ages and anniversaries are automatically calculated by the date. Contributions can be automatically posted to your accounting software. You will save so much time using this church management software you won’t know what you did without it!

See how others save weeks’ worth of time every year.


Adaptable church software that is customizable to ministries of every size.

Your ministry has its own unique management style and ministry needs. With Servant Keeper you can use it straight out of the box, or customize almost every field in the program to track exactly what is relevant to your ministry. This eliminates the need to memorize codes for which fields represent your data. You can also customize your directories, reporting, and mail merging.

Find the church management software built to fit your ministry.


Church management software that keeps your data at your fingertips.

Build dynamic groups of people based on multiple criteria (for example, anyone willing to serve in the nursery, over 18 years of age, has a background check, and is available for this Sunday). Any time someone meets the criteria (or no longer meets the criteria) they will be added to or subtracted from your groups. Find individuals or families by searching with as little as one letter from their name.

See how you can find your records in seconds.


Church software should get you results.

Servant Keeper is the most affordable, and powerful church management software program on the market. You can choose between cloud and local, and a couple user options to grow with your church. Don’t just look at the purchase price though. Servant Keeper also offers affordable support available to your entire ministry with no limits on calls, emails, or chats. Plus, having been around since 1994, we offer you piece of mind your software is not only affordable, but also safe.

View our simple pricing fit for ministries of any size.