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Servant Keeper Church Software

Each year more churches switch to Servant Keeper Church Software than any other program.  Find out why so many churches are using Servant Keeper’s desktop, mobile, and web applications to manage their ministry and engage their members.   Start saving time and money with the best church software today!

Ease of Use

Church Software that anyone can use!

What is church management? It is the art of running a ministry while getting the maximum results from every available resource. Servant Keeper can get you there. While being one of the most powerful church software programs on the market, Servant Keeper is incredibly easy to use, even if you have never used church software before. It is truly church software made for non-geeks.

In fact, ease of use is the number one reason why churches of all sizes and denominations have chosen to switch to Servant Keeper. It’s the award winning church management software that just makes sense. All throughout this intuitive church software program you will continually find yourself saying, “this is so easy!”

Rapid Searching

For example, when you are searching the church database, this amazing church software lets you quickly find someone by first name or last name or both. You can search your church membership by any field in the software using the same quick find button. Do you need to find a church member who has a truck, or who can cook, or who missed church three weeks in a row? Servant Keeper is the church software that will let you do these kinds of searches instantly!

User features like the “Speed Buttons” on the main screen allow you to quickly send an email or letter to any individual or family in the database or pull up an online map to their address and print directions.

Short Learning Curve

Effective Church Management is also about getting more people involved. That is one of the reasons you use church software in the first place. With Servant Keeper, you now have church software that volunteers and part-timers will be able to learn in just a couple minutes, while many other church software programs take months to learn and even have to have “boot camp” style training for their church management software. Servant Keeper is also the only church software that shows families and individuals on the same screen at the same time, and this all happens as soon as the user opens the program.

Information At A Glance

In fact, in this church software system, so much information is kept at a glance that there is no more continuous hopping from screen to screen to find the phone number or the email address or the birth date, etc. This simple concept saves users so much time and it’s things like this that have made Servant Keeper church management software the award winning program that it is!

Fully Automated

Church software is usually purchased for the sake of eliminating redundancy.

In fact, this is an essential that you need your church software to do, and Servant Keeper does this like no other. By eliminating duplicate entry into the church management database and automating many processes, you will save enormous amounts of time as you manage your ministry! Now you can quickly do mail merging, build groups, send out contribution statements, use age calculations and more … and never enter the same data twice! You need your church software to save you time? Servant Keeper users will tell you they save weeks’ worth of time every year using Servant Keeper!

Entering Data:

Inputting a family into the church management program can be done in less time than it takes you to read the information. This is because the church software automatically transfers the address information from the first individual to any additional family members AND THEN automatically creates a family profile. Want to add new people to existing families? Just enter their first name. Their last name, address, wedding date, marital status, title, phone number, etc are all filled in automatically! Automation exists all through the profile as well. Such as automatic zip code and age calculation features. This is one church software program that will deliver on its promise to save you time!

Updating Information

Just think, if you mark someone as a visitor they will default to be excluded from church directories and mailings that you only send to active members, or, if you want, you can go back and decide to include them. With this church management software it is all up to you.

Remember, ages are automatically calculated by birth date. The result? The church software does all the work for you! Such as individuals automatically joining or leaving groups that were built by an age criteria. You will save so much time using this church management software you won’t know what you did without it!


You church software needs to be able to be customized.

With Servant Keeper church management software you track what YOU want to track. Every single field in Servant Keeper church software can be re-named to be exactly what you want it to be. You do not want to spend your time trying to force your ministry into a program that only tracks limited things and uses clumsy codes. Switch to Servant Keeper church software and you will have a experience that you can customize to fit your ministry!

Adaptable Church Software

A unique feature to Servant Keeper church software is that it is adaptable to be very relevant and specific to your church management style or specific ministry needs.

Nearly every field in this church management program can be customized or re-named to track exactly what is relevant to your ministry. Not only that, with fields like drop-down and list fields, even the choices are customizable and you are unlimited in the number of choices you can have! You never have to memorize any codes that stand for something else. The result is that even someone who is “filling in” for you can step right up to your Servant Keeper church software and know what is going on. It is everything you always wanted in a church management software.

Directories and Reporting

Reports and church directories come with tons of options as well. Do you want mailing bar codes on envelopes for bulk mailing to your church? Then you need church software that will do that. How about a title line on mailing labels that says, “To The Parents Of”? Maybe you want to save money and print your own contribution envelopes with their envelope # on the outside. Your church software should do all of these things.

Easy Mail Merging

If that is not enough, this church software has a built in word processor where you can create customized church mailings and church directories. These are all things that will speed up your day to day church management.

Entirely Searchable

Good church software lets you find records in seconds!

With Servant Keeper church software you can build groups and report on demographics, event registrations, deacon groups, etc and then quickly print church directories, and do church wide mass email/mailings.

What good is a church database that tracks all of your information if it doesn’t keep it at your fingertips ready to retrieve at any second?

One of the most powerful features of Servant Keeper church software, and something that is completely unique in the industry, is the Groups Keeper feature. This feature allows you to build dynamic groups of people based on multiple criteria. In other words, the software does all of the automation and work AND eliminates wasted time in tracking who is in what segment of your church membership.

Say you want to have a group of everyone in your church whose age equals ten years old. If you are using Servant Keeper for your church software, then next Saturday, when little Eddie turns ten, he will automatically be included in that group. In fact, you can build groups based on almost any criteria you can dream up. As a result you can do any church mailings, church directories, reports, anything that you want for those groups. The thing to remember is that this church software does all the work!

The built-in Groups Keeper also offers multiple criteria and opens up the ability to narrow down or expand your group to include exactly who you want. Maybe you want a group of people whose membership status equals ‘active member’ OR ‘regular attendee’. Or maybe you want a group of your church people who are willing to serve in the nursery, are over 18 years of age, have had a background check, and are available this Sunday! This is the software that can do that for you!

Totally Affordable

Church software should get you results not just monthly fees.

Across the country many churches are seeing donors start to tighten their purse strings, as the economy seems to be taking longer than expected to recover. Because of this trend, churches and ministries need to pay more careful attention than ever to how they invest and spend those monies.

Starting at a small one-time $250 flat rate for small churches, or $499 for an unlimited database, Servant Keeper is simultaneously the most affordable and most powerful church management software program on the market.  Optional cloud services with no contract ensure you get even more value from your purchase.

Plus, this church software keeps SAVING you money the more you use it. The help desk/tech support saves you from having down time, and the reliability of the program prevents data from being lost! It is simply the most financially rewarding church management software on the market!

Simply put, Servant Keeper church software is priced so that any ministry can afford it. Let’s face it, even a system that can do everything you need won’t do you any good if you can’t buy it.

Remember, when considering the price of a church management program, also consider the cost of ownership, and the following factors:

  • Purchase price:Is the sticker price affordable? Are there recurring costs to simply use the program? With a low price and no recurring fees required, Servant Keeper is one of the most affordable Church Management Software packages on the market!
  • Support/Help Desk: The annual support for Servant Keeper is extremely affordable and available to ANYONE from your ministry to call and get help in using the program. We do not limit your time on the phone or number of calls, emails, or chat sessions you can have.
  • Reliability: When you are talking about years of data, it is absolutely critical that you choose a proven church software system that won’t fail you. You also want to make sure the company who is providing the church management system will not charge you to fix bugs in the program (these are often disguised as maintenance fees). So choose a reliable church software company who makes reliable church software.
  • Remember, Servant Keeper has been serving churches since 1994. As new technology has emerged we have listened to our customers’ needs and re-developed the program accordingly. As a result over 23,000 churches and non-profits have switched to Servant Keeper for their church management software needs!

What others say about Servant Keeper church software

Great Software/Great Support!
Easier to use than the program I had used for 14 years!  The phone tech support is terrific, almost no waiting!

MarcPastorSee more unfiltered reviews by real customers

Great Customer Service!
I found the help desk staff and technical support staff to be extremely courteous and helpful.  I was never made to feel like I was a bother or that they were in a hurry when helping me. They gave me the time I needed and answered my questions and did a wonderful job

TerriBookkeeperSee more unfiltered reviews by real customers

The customer service both by telephone and by live chat (which I prefer) are terrific. Overall, I think the record keeping ability of the software is excellent. I use the membership module daily for information and find it easy and quick.

BarbaraAdministrative AssistantSee more unfiltered reviews by real customers